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Logos & Icon Development

Logo development is important since it's virtually the first impression made on your audience.  It represents the company, the brand, or the message. Logos can be serious or fun!  Mobile App icons are the same way. They help represent an application or function and are built to match the brand identity of the company.



Print Collateral

I have experience designing many forms of print collateral.  From letterhead, to business cards, to brochures, to product datasheets, to case studies and more. Here are just a few samples of my work.



Websites and UI Design

Here are some websites that I have designed along the way.  I typically design the front-end of websites and leave the coding to the professional web developers, however I have experience building standard HTML websites as well.



Tradeshow Signage & Floor Design

If you are feeling overwhelmed with designing the floor plan to your most important event, I am happy to assist you and have experience placing orders, coordinating events, shipping, and tracking from across the miles.



Package Design

Packaging can be that final step in a product launch that makes everything feel complete.  



Invitations, Save Dates, Greeting Cards

This is by far one of my most favorite categories! I mostly design invitations and greeting cards for family and friends, although I have had the pleasure of designing for clients, too.  All I need is a theme and I am not afraid to draw by hand in Illustrator to match a theme you have in mind.  Custom designs for your events is the most impactful way to make the best first impression on your guests.  It sets the tone for what is to come = a fabulous party!



Photography & Photo Restoration

This section is like dessert = the best part of a complete meal.  I love photography and any chance to incorporate it in my designs.  I enjoy capturing, editing, and restoring photos whether they be cherished moments, still life, or vintage preservation.  I could get lost in a photo for hours, which - thanks to Photoshop, I have done numerous times for clients who require blemish-free or stylized photos.

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